Rise: NYC

When Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City area in October 2012, Rockaway Beach and Breezy Point were especially hard hit. Storm surge flooded roads, homes, and businesses, closing off entire areas. The storm also devastated the power grid, leaving people in the dark for a long time. This horrendous event  showed exactly how vulnerable area businesses were to these extreme forces of nature.

Michael and Susan Shea, owners of NYC Daylighting which is based in Rockaway Beach, suffered significant losses to both their home and business. When RISE: NYC, a program to help businesses rebuild, but in stronger, more resilient ways, was introduced, Mike and Susan jumped on board. Beating out stiff competition, NYC Daylighting is one of 11 businesses selected to share in $30 million in funds to rebuild impacted communities.  

Forty businesses in Rockaway Beach and Breezy Point will benefit from having Solatube Daylighting Systems installed by NYC Daylighting.
 “We are excited that we will be able to help our neighbors,” said Michael Shea. “Solatube Daylighting Systems will not only save these businesses on electric bills and provide healthier indoor environments, they will also be safety valves in case of a future power outage.”
NYC Daylighting will be installing:
Solatube 160 DS Daylighting Systems

Solatube 290 DS Daylighting Systems

Solatube ISDaylighting Systems with Solar Electric NightLight


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